It's Simple and straightforward...
No Tricks, no set up fees & no cancellation fees

$749/ month

we don't have fine print because we don't have anything to hide

We don't charge any set-up fees.


You pay the 1st month's fee and we get started!

We don't charge you any cancellation fees.


To cancel, just email Blue Cow Media and cancel!

What we do for $749/month

Social Media Page Creation, Optimization and Content Distribution

We set up and optimize your Facebook and Instagram Pages

We set up and optimize your YouTube Channel

We post content to your social media pages for you...your content, NOT canned photos everyone else is using

We Create & Run Your Facebook Ads

*You are responsible for the Facebook Ad Spend 

We Keep Your Ads Current and make changes when they are no longer performing at their best

We provide you with a monthly report identifying key performance indicators

We create a detailed content creation plan so you don't have to worry about what content to create every month

We help you set up your Facebook Pixel so that in the future we will also have the capability to target just those people who are engaging with your content

With an average of 25 hours per month spent on a Client's account, that averages out to just less than $30.00/hour...less than the industry average

*Compare this rate to the Industry standard

Thumbtack - $50/hour and up

What We don't do

Charge you just to publish stock photos

Charge you bogus set up fees and cancellation fees

Lock you into a contract if you don't think you are getting value

What you do

You Pay the $12.50/month for Dropbox

You Pay for whatever Facebook Ad spend you feel comfortable spending

You follow your weekly content creation schedule, upload your videos and photos into Dropbox and we do the rest!