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What is Social Media management?
It is the creation and implementation of a customized Social Media strategy for your business.  We will help your business create and manage content that will be posted to various Social Media Platforms to increase your Company's awareness and promote your brand.
Or the less "business-y" answer...  We help you create content and post it to all your Social Media sites so that business comes to you!
How Do We Do it?
We can manage 1, 2, 3, 4 or all 5 of the Social Networks below for your business.  We will create a customized plan that works for your business and more importantly for your personality to ensure the content feels authentic.  If you like being in front of the camera, we will create a plan that involves you shooting lots of video.  If you are a little more shy, we will show you how you can get other people to be on camera instead.
Which Social networks can we manage for your business?
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Social Media


What is social media advertising?
Social Media Advertising is simply paying to put a message or offer in front of the people most likely to purchase a service or product from your business.
How Do We Do it?
We create Ads and target specific populations through email lists, demographics, specific interests or by targeting people who have already watched your videos or visited your website.  You choose how much you want to spend on Ads.  We run them, monitor their performance and make adjustments throughout the month to achieve optimum performance.
Or the less "business-y" answer...  We create Ads for Facebook and Instagram that drive people to your website so they can learn why they need your company's services or product.
Which Social networks can we manage for your business?



What is brand management?
Brand Management is creating and managing the identity and tone of your business.  Branding is the consistent and repetitive sharing of your brand and your unique value proposition with those people mostly likely to want to work with you.  We will help you create a plan to make sure that everything we share on your company's behalf is purposeful and meant to attract your ideal client or audience.
How Do We Do it?
We help you create a road map to ensure all your content is thoughtful, intentional and consistent with your company's goals.  We do this through the creation of logos and color schemes.  We help you identify whether the tone of your business is playful, educational, serious, etc.  We help you identify your ideal client or audience to make sure the content you create has this audience in mind.  We help you curate other articles and stories that are on brand that we can share with your audience to provide additional information or entertainment.


wix websites

why does your business need a website?
You need a website that reflects your business, its values and your vision.  This is a HUGE part of your business' brand.  It's where you will be driving all of your traffic from your Social Media sites.  For that reason, it's really the hub of your online identity.


In addition to branding your business, the data you are collecting by driving audiences to your website is just as important.  In today’s world of technology, the one with the most data is King (or Queen).  Data allows us to make more informed decisions. It allows us to put our branding in front of the people most likely to respond positively to it.  It allows us to make each dollar we spend go as far as possible. 


What you will come to learn is that this data (traffic from Facebook to your website) is EXTREMELY valuable.  If you aren't capitalizing on this opportunity to put new and even more specific messages in front of the people already engaging with your content you are wasting money. Nobody likes wasting money!!  So simply, having a custom website allows you to grow your business by utilizing your data as efficiently and effectively as possible.


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