Dave Moon
Senior Development Director
Passionate About Inspiring Others & Eating Pizza

Let's start with the personal stuff real quick.  Unlike my business partner who got to Texas as fast as he could, I was lucky enough to have been born and raised here in the Dallas area.  I graduated from Texas Tech University before earning my Law Degree at the University of Arkansas. I have a beautiful wife Kimberly (the reason I am doing what I am doing), amazing boy/girl twins and a dog that, while very sweet, is a pain in the butt.  I still wouldn't trade her for anything in the world though (most days).


My journey to becoming a marketer and story-teller for brands is a long and winding one.  It's true most people don't go to law school hoping one day to run a social media management company, but what can I tell you.  I named my company after a blue cow.   We do things a little different around here.  By the way, once we become friends I can tell you how the name My Blue Cow Media came to be.  It's a good one.

I mentioned above that my wife is the reason My Blue Cow Media exists.  She, much like you, is a small business owner who needed exposure and attention in order to grow her business.  Because I am me, someone who has to figure out stuff on my own, I told her I will figure out this social media stuff, and I did.  Along the way, and after reading every book, listening to every podcast, taking every online course and reading every article known to man, I came to find that I really loved this stuff.  I loved telling her story and helping her connect with the people that were most likely to do business with her. 


After four consecutive years of helping her double her revenue year over year, I thought I might have something here.  Something more than helping just my wife, but a system that will help others grow their businesses as well.  Here we are all these years later and that's what My Blue Cow Media is doing.  We are helping small businesses grow.

Here at My Blue Cow Media we are passionate about two things: 1) helping small businesses build their brand in an affordable and sustainable way through social media marketing and 2) providing THE BEST customer service on the planet to our clients.  If we are doing our job properly, you should be focussing on what you do best...that being managing your business, not managing your marketing.

We are here to be you in-house marketing department.  We are here to make your life easier.  We are here to help your company grow.  We can't wait to get started with you and your business.

Bryce Perry
Senior Technical Director
Passionate About Inspiring Others & Meteorology

I moved to Texas back in 2019 with my wife and three kids for an opportunity as a Sr Business Consultant managing digital marketing solutions. 

I have spent the better part of 15 years in leadership/support roles in aircraft maintenance, engineering, account management, program management, marketing and data analytics. Regardless of the size of the company or contract size I always ensure my customer's goals are delivered on-time from concept to reality. Through teamwork, lean methodologies, transparent communication and solid ethical and moral practices, I have delivered some of the most diverse technical projects which I can look back on with pride.

I have been blessed with three kids Gabriel (10), Roman (7) and Lottie (3) and an amazing wife (Megan). My wife and I have been together since high school and have been married for 12 years come June. We love to travel and experience life together through wine tastings, classic comedies and SEC football (go Georgia Bulldogs!). When we are not at the beach (our happy place), my wife manages real estate offerings while I work from home.