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6. How To Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

(NOTE: Easy to use Links, Photos and Screenshots are in the PDF version. Email me at for that PDF copy. I am happy to send it over.)

You can’t have a business page without first having a Facebook Profile. So, before being able to create your business page, you must first log into your profile. Once logged in, you can click the link below to start creating your business page.

How Do I Create A Facebook Page

Start Building Your Facebook Business Page

Select Business or Brand and click Get Started

Name Your Page

  • Choose something that reflects your brand or something that ties in to your name.

Your Category is Real Estate Agent

Add your business address and phone number

Upload a profile picture

  • It should either be your picture or your logo if you have one

Upload a cover photo

  • If you don’t have one, you can make one at for free

  • Be sure to choose the Facebook Cover Photo option in Canva to get the right dimensions so that the photo doesn’t get cut off.

  • To change the cover photo, simply click the Add a Cover Photo Link next to our photo

To make sure your Business Page is up and running make sure you have the following things on your Page:

  • Create a Username

Hover over where it says “Create Page@Username” under your profile photo

  • UpdateYour “About” Section

Make sure the list is fully expanded underneath your profile picture

Click the “About” link in that list

Update contact information

  • Update Page Info

Click Settings in the upper right portion of the screen

Now look on the left-hand part of the screen where it says “Page Info”

Update contact information

Describe Your Page in 255 characters or less

  • Connect Your Instagram Account

Click Settings

Now look in the lower left-hand part of the screen for “Instagram”

Connect your Instagram Page

  • Click the Add button to allow people to get in touch with you easier

  • Choose Contact You

Pick your preferred method of contact

Pick the method you will respond to best…if you don’t answer your phone, then don’t choose call me!

  • Invite people to like your page

  • Reviews

Ask past clients to please provide a review on Facebook

Provide past clients with an easy to access link so that they can provide their reviews with as little effort as possible

Click here for an email template you can use to request reviews

Request Reviews for Facebook

  • Add Content, add content, add content!!!

  • Your page is now set up and you are ready to engage with your community and run ads!

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