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Brand Your Business For Free with Blue Cow Media

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

At Blue Cow Media, we want to begin branding you and your business right out of the gate, so that 12 months from now, people see you as a market expert. You might say 12 months isn’t enough time to make anyone a market expert. That’s probably true. While you can become knowledgeable in a 12 month period, it’s not enough time to get those precious 10,000 hours that everyone talks about requiring to become an expert in your given field.

However, we aren’t talking about experience right now...not really. We are talking about people’s perception of your expertise. With proper branding, you can go from being perceived as a novice to an expert in no time. It’s all about how visible you are and how much you are willing to give. That’s right, you have to give and give a lot. You have to give your time, you have to create valuable content and you have to give people access to your relationships, etc. If you are visible all the time, there’s this kind of halo effect that happens. People just assume that if she’s everywhere, she must be an expert.

I saw this play out first hand with my wife’s business. She was no more than a few months in the business. Her most expensive listing was $450,000. Nothing to sneeze at, but certainly not something that most people would consider high end or luxurious. I was doing tons of video and posts and ads for her, targeting her Sphere of Influence on Facebook. I can’t tell you how many people came up to her saying stuff like “you are absolutely killing did you build your business so fast?” They couldn’t believe how she was able to transition into higher end listings as a new agent so quickly.

I always got a kick out of it when my wife came home and told me another person had said something nice after seeing her on Facebook. After multiple encounters I started to think about why this was happening to her. One comment that stuck in my brain over was, “Damn Kim, you are EVERYWHERE! Whether I am playing games on my phone, reading an article, or surfing the internet, you seem to be there!” And there was my answer. Our branding had created the sense that our small team was omnipresent and omnipresence in their minds translated into being uber successful. I am sharing our blueprint with you so that you can build the same awareness for your business!

I believe in being totally transparent. You are probably asking, if this is really a blueprint to build my business, then why is it free. Simple answer...I am putting this out into the world to help people. We joined a brokerage that promised us the world in the beginning, but they failed to deliver in every way. My wife and I want to actually provide value, not just talk about it. So everything you need to get your business started is in this program. However, if you don’t want to do it yourself, that’s where I come into the equation. For those of you business owners that don’t want to take the time to deal with all this work, and it’s a lot of work, I would love for Blue Cow Media to be the marketing company to help your business grow. But if you are a do it your selfer, just send us a thank you one day and let us know how great your business is doing. That will mean the world to us. I truly believe you can use this information and do it all by yourself!

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