• Dave Moon

How Many Open Houses Did You Hold Open This Week?

For the person who doesn’t want to cold call to make a living in Real Estate, there is no better way to get NOW BUSINESS than with Open Houses. Whether you are on a team or rolling “solo,” there are always agents out there who need help with their Open Houses. In short, Open Houses are a gold mine for one simple reason… Where else can you get face to face with people who have self-identified as wanting to buy a home? You will be surprised by how many of these people don’t have agents. Also, think about where they are in the buying process. People on Zillow are somewhat serious about looking and even more serious when they want to email an anonymous agent for information about a property. But with email, there is still this distance between the future buyer and the agent. With communication over email typically there is little to zero chance that rapport can be effectively built that way.

This is not the case when you are face to face with someone. You are given the immediate opportunity to ask about their day, their kids, their dog and immediately build rapport, which is a fancy way of saying the start of a relationship. Now it’s true that you will likely strike out more than you will succeed, but like everything in life, this is about at bats and practice. If 10 people come in and you are able to hit it off with one person who wants to work with you, that’s a win. You are simply trying to put yourself in a position where you are able to have the most conversations with the most people who want to buy or sell a home. There is no better way to do this than with Open Houses.

Every broker these days has private Facebook pages. Get on there every week and offer to take Open Houses in your area. Email large teams in your area and offer to provide coverage should they not have enough agents to cover Open Houses for that week. Open Houses can be had every weekend, you just have to let agents know you want them.

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