• Dave Moon

How Many Questions Did You Ask On Social Media This Week?

Ultimately we are looking to engage with people on Social Media to create the opportunity to have conversations in “real life.” Social Media is great at keeping people up to date with the latest in people’s lives, but it should never be a replacement for really talking with your sphere of influence. We want the conversation to start on Social Media and then move over to the phone, coffee or dinner.

To help facilitate that, you need to get into conversations online that can lead to conversations offline. Make it a goal to ask 20 questions every single day. Get to find out more about your friends, family and acquaintances. However, please make sure the questions are ones that will strike conversation. Don’t ask yes or no answers. Get to know your people and be truly curious. If you see someone at the beach, ask where they are and if they would go back. If they are at a restaurant, ask how the steak was cooked. If they are at a kid’s birthday party, ask if they are glad they chose that venue. Create opportunities to get to know your people even better than you already do. This builds trust and trust builds relationships. Relationships build businesses.

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