• Dave Moon

How To Organize Your Business with Dropbox

You have your license…now what? Before you start trying to get Buyer leads, convince people to let you sell their home or start telling the world on Social Media that you are open for business, you first need to organize your business! It will save you so much time in the long run if you start off on the right foot. Efficiency saves time, money and reduces stress… so that’s where we start.

Why Dropbox?

Because organization is crucial and no application is better at keeping your files organized!

You are telling me that the first step is to pay $13 per month for a storage platform? That doesn’t sound all that exciting. I know, I get it. So, why do I need Dropbox? Easy… Dropbox is a centralized and super convenient place to store all of your docs, photos and videos. There are no shortage of all three in this business, so being able to house all that stuff in one easy to access place is a lifesaver. You can access your Dropbox folders from your phone, tablet or desktop. You just need an Internet connection. That means pretty much wherever you are, you have access to everything you need as a Realtor.

Signing up for an account couldn’t be easier. Click the link here to go to Dropbox and open your account. I have found Dropbox Plus to provide more than enough storage for our business. At around $13 per month for 2 Terabytes worth of data, it’s a no-brainer!

Fine, I Will Spend The Money…How Should I Organize My Dropbox Folders?

You will undoubtedly want to create additional folders as your business grows, however the setup that I have provided is a great place to start. Before you do anything else, get this part of your business set up and streamlined. I understand that organizing and creating folders doesn’t sound like that much fun, but being organized is crucial to running a successful business.