• Dave Moon

Why Do I Need A Website…My Broker Gave Me One?

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Because You Need to Brand YOUR Business, Not Help Brand Someone Else's Business!

I have this website that my broker gave me and it works just fine. Now you are saying I need to spend more money on a new one. So, tell me why? No problem…the simple answer is Control! As an agent you need to control your business, not have it control you. You are NOT in control when you use a canned broker website that you don’t own! You are limited in what your website can look like and how it can perform. That means the ability to brand your business is limited as well.

If you learn nothing else from this program, please learn this. As an agent you MUST take control of your business. Ultimately YOU are the brand, not your broker. You need a website that reflects you, your values, and your vision. A brokerage’s website brands the Brokerage, NOT YOU!

Just as important as the branding should be to you, the data is equally (if not more) important. In today’s world of technology, the one that has the most data has the power. Data allows us to make more informed decisions. It allows us to put our branding in front of the people most likely to respond positively to it. It allows us to make each dollar we spend go as far as possible. With this program we are going to teach you how to drive traffic from Facebook to your website. You will come to learn that this data (traffic from Facebook to your website) is EXTREMELY valuable. Should you leave your brokerage, you will also be leaving that data with the Brokerage’s canned website. That’s money WASTED and we don’t like wasting money!

One last thing about owning your website. I have yet to meet one agent that hasn’t changed brokerages at least once. When you own your own website, you can make a few simple tweaks to your website, and you are up and running again. I am talking about replacing a few logos, changing a few addresses, and updating your compliance documents and you are good to go. In less than 30 minutes, your website can reflect your new home. However all the people that have been coming to the site over the years will still recognize it as yours.

Whether you believe me or not, this is the truth. Nobody hires you because of the brokerage you are with. I bet you most of your friends and family don't even know which brokerage you are with. Remember…YOU are the brand, not the broker. I will just keep throwing that in there every so often as a reminder. This is why control is important.

Ok…hopefully I have convinced you to own your own website. Now it’s time to choose a website provider. You can use Wix, Squarespace, Placester or even Wordpress if you are more proficient with web design. All are good options and offer different benefits. I personally believe Wix is the most user-friendly site. That is why this is the site that I recommend and this is the site I am using to help you create your websites. Should you feel partial to one of the other sites, or any other website creator, simply include the same “must have” elements outlined in our FREE TUTORIAL!

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