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Why Do You Need a Social Media Presence?

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

That’s where the attention is and that’s how you will build your brand.

What platforms do you need? The short answer is all of them. However to get started, we are going to work with just 3. I don’t want to throw too much at you at once. When you feel like you are drowning in options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and walk away. If you are able to master these three platforms, you will get your brand (YOU) in front of the people that are most likely to work with you. That doesn’t mean you should ignore other SUPER IMPORTANT platforms like LinkedIn, Snapchat or Pinterest. I just want you to set your foundation properly so that when you are ready, you can begin to seamlessly add these other platforms to your process.

Please keep in mind that the social media landscape often changes quickly. It wasn’t long ago that everyone was on MySpace, and now it’s all but gone. Fast forward a few years and the platforms below will be battling with the newcomers who will make Audio search (think Alexa and Siri) far easier to use than the Facebooks, Instagrams and Googles of the world. We have to always keep our eyes open and be willing to adapt, especially when there is an opportunity to tap into underpriced attention somewhere else!

Everyone has a different opinion about marketing, but to keep things simple, I like to break it down into two separate, but related categories. Those two categories are branding and lead generation. Think of branding much like you would think of farming and think of lead generation as you would think of hunting. Both will feed you, but the effort required for each is different. The immediate versus long term results are different and one method (branding) requires work upfront to yield a steady return on the backend. Where the other option (lead gen) requires massive amounts of work on the front end to yield more immediate results.

Both work, but if you are like me, you’d much rather have the business come to you than be the one chasing it. That’s why this program is heavily focused around branding your business, not creating a stream of leads…most of which won’t want to work with you. Why won’t they want to work with you, because they don’t know you. There’s no comfort level there. There’s no trust being built. It’s true if you ask 100 people to give you $10, one may say yes. It may prove out over time that the numbers show to work consistently. But that’s a lot of work to find the one person who will give you the $10. What if instead you asked for $10 from a friend. I bet that conversation is much different and the results happen much you get that $10 bucks sooner. But remember, it took time to build a relationship with that friend where they felt ok giving you $10. Patience is a huge key to this process.

Branding, for the purposes of this program, is building familiarity and comfort with the people in your community so that they will choose you when the time is right…or they will refer you to their friends and family when they need help. That’s why everything we do with building your brand is focused around earning attention. We want to occupy mindshare and we will show you how that’s done below.

So how do you earn mindshare? Like most things, the answer is simple but not easy. You earn mindshare by putting out content with an unwavering and unrelenting consistency that people can’t possibly forget about you.

But won’t that get annoying? Only if your content is annoying. This ultimately begs the question, what is annoying content? Think to yourself, “What annoys me?” when you are on Facebook and Instagram. For me, it’s when people create content that is about themselves or for themselves. On the flip-side, when people make content that provides ME with answers, direction, information, entertainment, etc...I find myself sucked into the social media vortex and can get lost for hours on end.

Long story short, if you make content that benefits other people and not yourself, you can post ALL DAY long without being annoying! Also, you have to remember one important thing with all of this...there will always be haters...but that is super important and super valuable too. What?? Why, you ask? We are trying to attract like-minded people who want to work with us. We want to work with people who like our message, appreciate our quirky sense of humor and have the same hobbies and passions that we do. We can only attract our tribe by repelling those who aren’t in our tribe. I am not saying to be controversial for the sake of being controversial, only that the better you are able to showcase who you are as authentically as possible, the better you will be able to attract your folks and repel the people you have no desire to work with.

Social media is powerful because it is leverage. It allows you as a single individual to reach the masses more quickly and cheaply than ever before. We like leverage and we like attention. That’s why we LOVE social media. To be successful as a brand in any business, you must be present where the attention currently resides. Today, attention can primarily be found on a few main platforms, along with a host of secondary platforms. So, let’s get to it! Click each link below for step-by-step instructions on how to build your social media presence within each platform.

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