• Dave Moon

Why Do You Need a YouTube Channel?

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. That’s why!

When people are searching for homes, we want to increase the likelihood that your videos pop-up. Just by creating tons and tons of video, we can increase the likelihood that you show up in someone’s search feed. So the goal here is to create LOTS of content and make sure we do the basics when it comes to helping our videos get found as easy as possible by people searching for our kind of content on YouTube. We can do some very simple things with tags, transcripts and keywords in our titles that give us a better chance of being found.

YouTube really is amazing. My wife has gotten a few deals from people moving from out of state that found her content on her channel. Think about it… That’s an infinite return on your investment, as she didn’t spend a dime to get those clients. They simply stumbled on some content that she had produced. It resonated with them enough to want to speak with her and they hit it off when they spoke on the phone. They got an idea of who she was from the video. They connected with her when they spoke and was built. That’s what we are trying to create here.

We will have a few different kind of videos that we will be posting to our YouTube channel. We will share whatever listing videos we have so people can tour the homes virtually. We will have tons of educational videos where you will provide high level explanations of the many questions you are asked on a daily basis by your buyers and sellers. Lastly, we will have tons of personal videos. These personal videos can be diary entries, videos of family and friends, client testimonials, videos promoting local businesses, etc. You get the idea. I have a long list of video topics in my Video Library, but we want to produce as much content as possible to position you as both the local expert and someone who is relatable to whatever tribe you are looking to attract.

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