• Dave Moon

Why Do You Need An Instagram Personal Page?

Facebook is amazing at branding your business, but Instagram is amazing at branding YOU!

Instagram is owned by Facebook, so they play really well with each other. The ads you will be running on Facebook will also appear on Instagram. So it is a waste of an opportunity not to be able to reach people on Instagram the same time you are reaching people on Facebook.

Another reason to also be on Instagram...platforms change and evolve constantly. Instagram has historically skewed towards a younger demographic, but it continues to grow in popularity with all ages. Instagram is a little bit different from Facebook in that it only allows you to post photos and videos in (in your feed) that are a minute or less, so there are some restrictions that you won’t find on Facebook or YouTube when it comes to sharing video content. However, remember that your video can still be cross-purposed on multiple platforms when it’s under one minute in length.

For those of us in Real Estate, Instagram offers the perfect platform for eye catching visuals and short and succinct storytelling. I will provide you with plenty of content ideas later, but like I noted above, we can’t create content for only one platform. There are too many stories of people and businesses that have built enormous brands on only one platform, and then the platform either disappeared or changed in a way that made their business no longer visible. That’s why you MUST HAVE multiple Social Media distribution channels so that you aren’t at their mercy of any one platform when things change.

With Instagram, our focus will be around sharing short videos that allow people to get to know you. You will also be able to share video tours, listings, relationships, and stories to allow people to get from KNOW YOU...then hopefully TO LIKE YOU...and then hopefully TO TRUST YOU!

One last thing. When you click the link below to set up your Instagram account, the last few steps will walk you through how to convert your Instagram personal account to a business account. If you have your Facebook Business Page set up, which you will since it comes before setting up Instagram in our checklist, it should be easy to do.

Instagram Business offers some free analytics tools, the ability to have your Facebook Ads appear on Instagram and the ability to do some other cool marketing things when your Follower count reaches 10k. We won’t worry too much about this now, but it’s good to go ahead and get this set up so it’s ready when your business is ready to market to the masses one day.

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