• Dave Moon

Why Do You Need Facebook Ads?

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Why Do Realtors Need Facebook Ads?

The simple answer is this...there is no better way to put your ad in front of the people you want to target at such a low cost.

Facebook Ads can replace all the old school methods like flyers, postcards, door knocking, etc and for SO much less than those traditional methods. Besides the cost savings, there is also a huge time savings. You aren’t going door to door to have conversations, your ad is doing the engaging for you. Even while you are asleep, people are able to engage with your content. That's some serious leverage!

Please keep in mind that everything that we will focus on in this FREE program is aimed at accomplishing one of three goals: Maximizing Convenience, Increasing Speed and Earning Attention as inexpensively as possible.

Simply, we want to help you spend as little time and money on your business as possible, while still maximizing the attention you earn...all so you can grow your business. Facebook Ads does this by ensuring that your message, branding and values are put in front of as many like-minded individuals as possible.

We know that people will want to work with you when they feel as though you understand what they need. It’s pretty much that simple. Just so you know, there really is a systematic way in which you can create that understanding and comfort level with people. You already know how to do this intuitively, you just have not thought about it as a step by step process. That's because it's something you do naturally.

Our first step with building your Social Media presence is to make sure people know who you are. Simple right? They can’t trust you if they don’t know you exist. Second, we are going to let people know what you stand for and what makes you unique. In short, we are going to be authentic and share what makes you “you” by sharing the things you like and the things that you are passionate about. Lastly, we are going to then focus our attention on those folks that have willingly connected with you and your content, as those will be the people that will want to work with you.