• Dave Moon

Why Do You Need Google Calendar?

Time is your most precious commodity. Be efficient with it!

Once you have activated your Gmail account, you will automatically have access to Google Calendar. So what can Google Calendar do for me? Glad you asked! In the link below, you will find 7 really cool things that Google Calendars offer which will help you run your day more effectively.

Also, please get into the mindset from DAY 1 that if something is not on your calendar then it doesn’t exist. Your calendar doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be a physical paper calendar or a digital one. While either works, Google Calendars is by far the easiest and most effective Calendar that I have found. It’s included for FREE in the Google Suite of tools.

Start small and only commit to putting something on your calendar if you are 100% certain you will get it done. Please remember, committing to 1 hour and fulfilling that commitment is way more impactful to your business than blocking off 3 hours and not doing anything because 3 hours of lead generation seemed overwhelming and scary. SOME IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN NONE. And remember No Action Creates No Results. Some Action Creates Some Results. Big Action Creates Big Results. Make sure to take SOME action and always strive for BIG Action!

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