What We Offer

We keep things simple.  You can choose 1 of 2 packages...month to month or you pay us only after you get paid at closing.  You choose.  You can cancel either plan with 30 days notice.  When we said simple we meant it!  

Package 1

Pay As You Go...

Quit Any Time

$700 Per Month to iBlue Cow for all services below.

Client to pay $300 in ad spend each month to promote their custom videos.

Package 2

Don't Pay Us Until You Get Paid...

You Can Still Quit Any Time

Client pays iBlueCow 10% of what they earn from each closing until client has paid iBlueCow $8,000 in a given 12 month period.  Once client has paid $8,000 no more payments until the next year!

Client to pay $300 in ad spend each month to promote their custom videos.


We provide clients with a new personal commercial every month to improve branding and awareness.


We manage your Facebook ads account.  We will use your custom video each month to provide fresh and relevant content to your database.  


We provide you with a detailed schedule outlining what content to post daily on specific platforms.


We post all of your videos to your YouTube channel and manage your tags to optimize organic reach.


We provide transcripts of your videos that you can include on your blog to improve your website's SEO.


We create a short video business card you can easily send to new contacts.


We create a custom video header for the top of your Facebook business page.

Additional Services


Frisco, TX


Tel: 214.868.7687


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