It's Simple and straightforward...
No Tricks, no set up fees & no cancellation fees

$549/ month For The first 12 months

$449/ Month

after 12 months

Price difference reflects the website being paid off

we don't have fine print because we don't have anything to hide

We don't charge any set-up fees.


You pay the 1st month's fee and we start building

your website the next day!

We don't charge you any cancellation fees.


To cancel, just email Blue Cow Media and cancel!

We don't charge you any administrative fees.


The monthly hosting fees and domain name are even included in the monthly price.

If you have been with Blue Cow Media for 12 months or more and you decide to leave, you take your website with you. 

There are no additional fees or costs.  It's yours.

If you leave before 12 months and you want to keep your website, you can purchase it from Blue Cow Media. Simply subtract the number of monthly payments you have already made to Blue Cow Media from 12 months. Multiply that number by $100. 

I know hurts my brain too.  Sorry!


12 months - 8 payments made = 4   

4 x $100 = $400 to own your custom site

What we do for $549/month

Custom Built Website and Regular Updates to Website


We Build Your Custom Wix Website

We optimize your website's SEO

We Update your Website weekly to make sure all listing info is up to date

We Load Your Video To Your Website Weekly

We download transcripts of your videos to include with your blog to help optimize SEO

Social Media Page Creation, Optimization and Content Distribution

We set up and optimize your Facebook and Instagram Pages

We set up and optimize your YouTube Channel

We post content to your social media pages for you...your content, not canned photos of houses

We Run Your Facebook Ads

We Keep Your Ads Current and make changes when they are no longer performing at their best

What We don't do

Charge you just to publish stock photos of kitchens

Charge you bogus set up fees and cancellation fees

Lock you into a contract if you don't think you are getting value

What you do

You Pay the $12.50/month for Dropbox

You Pay for whatever Facebook Ad Spend You Feel Comfortable Spending

You follow your weekly content creation schedule, upload your videos and photos into Dropbox and we do the rest!