Here's what you will find in our FREE Program:

  1. How to set up and use Dropbox

  2. How to set up and use Gmail and Google Calendar

  3. How to create your own custom website with Wix

  4. How to set up your Facebook Business Page

  5. How to set up your Instagram Page

  6. How to set up your YouTube Channel

  7. How to run Facebook Ads

  8. A Content  Library to help you come with ideas for your Social Media posts

  9. A Content Distribution Schedule to keep you on track with your daily posting

  10. How to follow up with your Top 100 (the people most likely to refer you business)

  11. How to organize your Google Calendar

  12. A Client Lead tracker to help you manage your pipeline and monitor your GCI

  13. A Daily Activities Tracker to help ensure you are completing your 4 daily priorities

  14. A list of great books, helpful podcasts and free (or inexpensive) resources and tools to help you grow your business