Social Media Advertising

We use paid advertising to achieve 3 goals for your business!

1. Create Brand Awareness
2. Create Leads For Your Business

3. Create Engagement With Your Brand


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Additional advertising Services offered

Monthly Facebook Analytics Reporting
Monthly Google Ads Analytics Reporting
Custom Video Creation
Custom Email Newsletter
Keyword Research

about OUR packages

We create Ads and target specific populations through your email lists, demographics, specific interests or by targeting people who have already watched your videos or visited your website.
You choose how much you want to spend on Ads.  We run them, monitor their performance and make adjustments throughout the month to get your brand and message in front of the people most likely to do business with you.
Our packages have options for all business sizes.  If you are a start-up and your budget is limited, we can run a single ad each month sharing a promotion, offer or message to get in front of your target audience.
If your business is in a position to run multiple ads each month, we can create campaigns that are meant to work your audience through a funnel, so that they can first become aware that your business exists, to liking you and your messaging, finally to trusting that you have their best interests at heart and can offer them real value.   After all, people won't do business with you until they can trust you.  Through the creation of authentic ads that position you and your business as genuine and as experts, we will help you earn that trust from your audience!


At My Blue Cow Media, we like to keep things super simple.  That's why we only have 4 options.  Learn about our pricing.