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3 things you must have in your Social Media Strategy to succeed.

1. Consistency...publish daily

2. Easily Digestible Content (Form & Content)

3. The audience decides if the content is create for them and not you!!  

The formula is simple, but the execution is difficult.

Facebook Friends Lists! It’s a very cool tool that you can use to organize your Facebook audience. You can group folks by interests, cities, occupations, family, friends, that only that list sees a certain post. So why does that help? This allows you to create content that is specific to certain similar groups. Send your Dallas List info about the new restaurant that just opened. Send your Moms List a recommendation on an amazing pediatrician, etc. As we know, a targeted message to a few is always more impactful than a generalized message to many. 

The best way to grow your business is to help other people grow their business.  So if you are going to help anyone, why not help the people you care about the most...your TOP 100!!  Help them and their loved ones and let the law of RECIPROCITY do the rest.  

Every month you should find a way to reach out to your Top 100 by either by adding value or genuinely trying to stay in touch.  You can contact your Top 100 by text, email, Facebook, doesn’t matter how you do it, just as long as you are consistent about doing it and you are being authentic while doing it.  This is not about selling your services.  They know you are a realtor. This is about being present in their lives.

Lastly, remember to make every conversation about them, about someone they know/love or about helping someone else.  If you stick to this mindset, you won’t ever annoy anyone in your Top 100! 

Creating your custom Wix website is just the first step in the process.  Maintaining your website going forward is what takes tons of time and discipline.  As a Realtor, you know you can't have stale data or listings on your site and with all the things that change on a daily basis, it gets tough staying on top of everything!  Whether it's making price changes, adding listings, changing the status, etc., there is no shortage of stuff to keep up with.  Let My Blue Cow Media handle this for you so you can focus your time on stuff that makes talking to people who may want to work with you!!

Our program has a few copies of the actual ads we have run in the past and have had success with.  Feel free to use them as a template.  You can even rip them off for all I care.  Just know that every successful ad will have some personality to it so try and make them your own.  After all, these ads are just one more way to show people who you are as a person and that's what we are trying to accomplish at the end of the day...get these people to know, like and trust you!

So how do we increase your contacts and earn new business?  

The answer is we make lots and lots of content.  Our goal will be to create two new pieces of content every single day.  At the beginning, we will cross-purpose our content so that it is used on Instagram and Facebook each day.  Later on as you get more comfortable creating videos, I would love for you to make unique content specific to each platform.  

One cool feature that we offer is getting the actual transcripts from the videos you shoot and adding them to your website.  The transcripts will act sort of like blog posts.  If we make sure that certain keywords are in your videos, Google will be able to pick up on those keywords as people enter search queries.  Long story short, the more written content you have on your website, the more likely you will appear on people's searches!

Let My Blue Cow Media run and manage your Facebook Ads for you!  It's a time consuming process to build the ad, monitor the ad's performance and change the ad's content or targeting when it's under-performing.  Let us do that for you so you can focus on doing the things that actively build your business...namely talking to people who may want to work with you!

Let My Blue Cow Media do the posting for you!  It's time consuming to manage posting your content daily across 3 different platforms.  Let us take that off your plate so you can focus on the things that really having conversations with as many people as possible!

What platforms do you need?  The short answer is all of them.  However to get started, we are going to work with just 3.  I don’t want to throw too much at you at once.  When you feel like you are drowning in options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and just walk away.  If you are able to master these three platforms, you will get your brand (YOU) in front of the people that are most likely to work with you. With these 3 platforms you will be able to set your foundation properly so that when you are ready, you can begin to seamlessly add the other platforms to your business.  

I have this website that my broker gave me and it works just fine.  Now you are saying I need to spend more money on a new one.  So, tell me why?  No problem…the simple answer is Control!  As an agent you need to control your business, not have it control you.  You are NOT in control when you use a canned broker website that you don’t own!  You are limited in what your website can look like and how it can perform.  That means the ability to brand your business is limited as well. 

Your goal should be to publish two original pieces of content EVERY SINGLE DAY!  

Again...that’s the GOAL! I understand this sounds like a lot of content to produce, but it really is easier than you might think.  Don’t let the goal overwhelm you.  I have provided a Content Library that you can use for inspiration.  Between the content library and any personal ideas you have, you really shouldn’t have a problem with content creation.  Honestly what makes the creation process difficult is the fact that you are limited only by your imagination and creativity.  Once you recognize that, all you really have to do is produce content that is interesting and fun! 

How can your Facebook Business page help you grow your business as a Realtor?  Watch the video to learn why it is so important for ALL Realtors to have a Facebook Business page that is fully optimized.  I also reference our FREE tutorial that will walk you through step by step on how to build and optimize your page.  Our goal with our free program is to teach you how to brand yourself as both an expert and as approachable, so that business can start coming to you.